Summary of Three Year Strategic Plan


A three-year strategic plan was created to provide contextualization for the objectives and activities of the Copyright Advisory Office.  In particular, the Copyright Advisory Office is required to serve the University as a whole, providing support to faculty and students in their scholarly and research endeavors.

Mission and Mandate

In order to carry out its role effectively, the Copyright Advisory Office requires a clear mission and mandate.  The mission of the Copyright Advisory Office, as articulated in its Strategic Plan, is to create awareness, understanding and respect for copyright and copyright management practices while advocating for a robust environment that promotes preservation, access and scholarly communications.  The Mandate for the Copyright Advisory Office is two-fold, focused first on copyright education for faculty and students at Columbia University and second on advocacy both nationally and internationally about copyright issues affecting scholarly communications.


Four Objectives have been articulated as a means of carrying out the mission and mandate of the Copyright Advisory Office.  Initiatives have been identified and will continue to evolve as copyright issues and the technological means to deliver education and scholarly communications evolve as well.  The Four Objectives, however, will throughout the following three years remain constant.  The are to:

  1. Create copyright awareness for Columbia University faculty and students
  2. Provide Columbia University professional staff with copyright support
  3. Provide Columbia University leadership with strategic copyright support
  4. Maintain the Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office as a leading presence on national and international issues about copyright.