Copyright Small Claims for Library Staff

The U.S. Copyright Office announced that as of June 16, 2022 the Copyright Claims Board is now accepting claims.  Please note that as procedures evolve, the information on this site may change. And as with all information on this Copyright Advisory Services website, our office cannot provide you with legal advice. However, we can help you understand how the law works. If you have further questions, contact us at

The US Copyright Office has issued clarification of their intended regulations concerning the library and archive blanket opt out of CASE Act proceedings that forms part of the legislation concerning CBB claims. The CASE Act provides that libraries and archives can opt out of CASE Act proceedings prospectively.  Thus, the Libraries blanket opt out that will be filed with the US Copyright Office will also cover staff and their activities.  Therefore, individual staff members of Columbia University Libraries cannot become a party to a CBB proceeding so long as the activity at issue falls within the scope of their employment. 

If you or Columbia University Libraries are named as a party to a CBB proceeding, contact Copyright Advisory Services at without delay so that the Office of the General Counsel of the University can be notified accordingly.  You must mark URGENT in the subject line of the email and include a scanned copy of the CBB claim.

Where can you get help or more information?

Columbia University Library’s Copyright Advisory Services can answer questions about how the law works, but cannot dispense legal advice to you. You can contact us with questions at

The U.S. Copyright Office provides additional information on their Copyright Claims Board Frequently Asked Questions page.


This Guide was adapted from the CASE Act Information Guide developed by the UC Berkeley Library