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Thank you for your interest in the Copyright Advisory Office, and we hope that you find this website to be helpful. The office is going on hiatus, starting in January 2014, as Kenneth Crews moves on to new opportunities. Until the office reopens, it will not be available to respond to queries.

In the meantime, do you have questions or inquiries about copyright?

If you are part of the Columbia University community, you may take your question to the Office of General Counsel.

If you are looking to contact Dr. Crews directly, please see the contact information at the end of this Personal Message.

Most of the questions that come to this office are about fair use, or copyright ownership, or publication agreements, or other such matters. The website has information on these issues and more. Please take a minute to read the QuickGuide and then review the relevant materials on the website. Please be advised that the office is not currently updating the pages. Take careful note of the date on each page.

Are you asking for permission to use materials you found in the Columbia University Libraries?

Please review our policy carefully. In many situations, permission may not be necessary. If you believe that you need permission from the Libraries, please ask one of the librarians where the collection is maintained, and follow our guidance for permissions. Absolutely, include in your request exactly what the material is, where you found it, and why you believe that Columbia may hold the rights.

Are you asking for permission to use materials that are otherwise associated with Columbia University?

If the work was created by a professor, or department, or program at Columbia, you should submit your request directly to that person or office. Again, please follow our guidance. Be detailed, explaining exactly what you want and why you are contacting that party. Keep in mind that we really want to help. Clear and complete information will make the process easier and more successful for you.

Thank you very much.

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